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Our Team

Jana Parrelli

Master Reflexologist, RCB

Reiki Practitioner

Ayurvedic Practioner

Certified Health Coach


Therapeutic Sound Therapist

Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga Therpaist

My Name is Jana Parrelli. I am a master reflexologist, nationally certified by the Reflexology Certification Board and a Reiki practitioner. As an Ayurvedic Practioner,  I bring 13 years experience in the healthcare field to help guide you into healthier practices to help bring the body back into balance. A balanced body is a healthy body.; fifteen years experience in the finance & business industries to help with financial and life coaching. I am the "in house" herbalist providing my products from Terra Blanca Herbal Blends for use on clients to aid in the relief we provide in our wellness spa.

As a Certified Yoga Instructor I can guide you through the exercises to bring balance, relaxation & stress relief to your body. With Yoga Therapy, we can work together to find the correct healthy beginning for your body, set a goal for where you'd like to go, and work to get your body there with easy stretches and exercise that fir your body where it is today & where you'd like to go.

I incorporate Reiki & therapeutic sound wave tuning forks  & Tibetan singing bowls with full body reflexology to provide the ultimate in relief and relaxation. Each session is tailored to the need of each client. Reflexologists target pain at it's source to alleviate the overall discomfort you may be feeling. Clients are left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I welcome the opportunity to help you improve your quality of life, on the healthier path.

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Natalia Livingston

Natural Theraputic Specialist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Practioner

Deep Relaxation Guide

My name is Natalia Livingston. I am a Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Deep Relaxation guide. My focus is to integrate several healing modalities with my diverse skill set, to create a customized therapeutic treatment to address each client's needs. 


I am a 2014 graduate of The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, in Albuquerque, NM. After spending many years in Emergency Medicine, Public Relations, and the Service Industry, I decided to turn my lifelong passion for Bodywork and the Healing Arts into a career. That decision has allowed me to provide care in several countries, at incredible festivals, for A-list celebrities, live in extraordinary places, and work within a community of like-minded practitioners and healers. 


I returned to the Tularosa Basin in 2020, and am blessed to have found a “home” with the incredible team at Terra Blanca Wellness Spa. I look forward to growing my repertoire, as we continue to teach and learn from one another, with the goal of guiding our clients towards a healthier and more balanced body. 


Treatments with me may include:

⠂Swedish Massage  ⠂Deep Tissue Massage  ⠂Myofascial Release  ⠂Trigger Point Therapy  ⠂Shiatsu  ⠂Aromatouch  ⠂Essential oil   ⠂Flower Medicine  ⠂Polarity Therapy  

⠂Core Synchronism  ⠂Reiki  ⠂Swedish Gymnastic (stretching)  ⠂Guided Deep Relaxation  ⠂Curanderismo (limpias)  ⠂aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine  ⠂+ more to come


We are open By appointment Only, Closed on Sundays


Please see our polices page prior to booking

Visa and MC Accepted 

Please call or email to arrange gift cards


What clients can expect   

  • Clients  are provided with a competent and professional service each time they come for an appointment. Addressing each client’s specific needs for that session.  

  • Phone calls are returned within 24 hrs unless  message says otherwise.  

  • Clients are treated with respect and given the best possible care.  

  • Clients are appropriately draped at all times.  

  • Appointment reminders are sent the day before.  

  • Privacy and confidentiality are strictly maintained at all times.  

  • Personal and professional boundaries are respected at all times.   

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