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To order or inquire about products we offer please email us at: or

call/text 575-442-6863.

We can customize your order by phone & arrange delivery, pick up or shipping.

Terra Blanca Herbal Blends

Locally formulated & produced by our in-house herbalist, Jana Parrelli.  Ingredients are sourced right here from our local mountain or certified organic/fair trade if not available locally.

The finest wildcrafted and organic skin care products formulated with the concept that health is found in nature.....

                          Natural Herbal Relief 

Arnica Balm

Arnica is an herb commonly used for reduction of inflammation & pain relief from muscle strain & bruising. Combined with dandelion, licorice root, spearmint, cinnamon, ginger & capacin providing natural pain relief. 

sold in .25 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz & 4 oz containers

cost range $4.50-$25

Arnica Liniment

A fast acting roll on infused with arnica, capacin, ginger,licorice root, peppermint & cinnamon  to provide ease from joint & muscle discomfort

cost $12.50 10 ml roll on

Super Skin Balm

Providing relief from dry skin aliments, chapped lips & 1st aid balm. Chaparral, forsythia, bay leaf, plantain, burdock $ rosemary come together for soothing skin relief.

sold in .25, 1 oz, 2 oz 7 4 oz containers

cost range $4.50-$25

Lip Care

especially formulated for the harsh New Mexico sun to protect your lips and seal in moisture. Unflavored, mint & vanilla are offered.

$4.50 each

Bug Bites

Naturally formulated with Rose Geranium, rosemary & arnica. Prevents Bug bites & stops the itching & stinging when you do have a bite.

$12.50 10 ml roll on

Black Salve

one of the oldest recipes for splinters & slivers to naturally bring those pesky things to the surface without having to dig. 1 oz  $7.50

Acne Treatment 

Balanced with Rose Geranium to naturally control the oil produced in the skin without harsh drying.

cost $12.50 10 ml roll on

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